SKG has a 60ft Aajijaak (Crane) in the backyard! Chief Shingwauk’s dodem (clan) is crane and this symbol was often his “signature”. This Aajijak represents Shingwauk with his feet firmly planted in the Medicine Garden and the Teaching Lodge while looking on into the building watching education happen – watching his vision come to fruition. We honour Chief Shingwauk and regularly thank him and our many ancestors and Elders who have contributed to Shingwauk’s Vision being realized. Chi Miigwetch 🙏🏽
A special Chi Miigwetch to Ashley Fisher and Marlene Buller-Lesage as key stakeholders in the Medicine Garden and to the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General (SOLGEN), our funders, that continue to support Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig in making these amazing gifts happen.
We also want to recognize Tulloch Engineering and Beau Vallee and Forrest Jones from Vallee Ground Works for helping recreate Chief Shingwauk’s signature. A signature that was on the 1850 Robinson Huron Treaty as a signatory on behalf of 23 First Nations!
We are grateful 🧡

‘s: Ben Jonah